Selling Furniture Online- the pros and cons

Selling Furniture Online

ons as a source of livelihood. Similarly, furniture dealers are also looking to online furniture business opportunities to increase sales. To sell furniture online, however, one has to weigh out the pros and cons and make an informed decision. Let’s take a look at a list of a few possible pros and cons:


  1. Thousands of buyers reached. Online stores and ecommerce platforms tend to have a high reach to several potential customers.
  2. Cheap advertisement. With the sort of exposure the internet can give, setting up an online store can generate potential for customers to visit physically present furniture outlets if you successfully peak their interests!
  3. Fewer personnel required. Furniture outlets usually have to hire employees trained to pitch your products to customers. Online transactions would however not require this as customers would follow a path of self-service whilst looking through products.
  4. Information is better communicated. With an online space for you to present your products there is no limit to the amount of information you can provide to your customers. This means you can effectively pitch your products without the aid of employees made to memorize each significant detail about every item.


  1. Unsuitable platform for furniture sale. The internet may not be the best platform for furniture sale as it is difficult to determine how the products really look in person. While one can provide dimensions, it is often difficult for customers to properly visualize how the item would look once bought.
  2. Costly marketplace fee. If you sell your products through platforms like Amazon or eBay, you may have to pay a costly marketplace fee. Similarly, the cost of setting up your very own web store may also be one your business is not ready to bear.
  3. Management is tricky. Managing your website means to keep it up to date in terms of the stock you have available. Synchronizing your present furniture stock with that shown as available on your website may be difficult. You may need to hire a professional to carry out this task efficiently.
  4. Increased competition. If someone is looking for furniture online, your store is probably one of the many to have been visited, putting your company into direct competition with others.


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